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The most important thing to know when starting a diet is tostay healthy as much as possible. To a certain level it might not be possible,because dieting requires starting some processes in the organism that are not standard,but are really necessary for creating a healthy body in the end. Everybody knowsthat reducing weight can come with the help of diets and increased physical activity.

How does being active help?

Physical activity is very important and not just whiletrying to reduce weight, but, it is something that should be done constantly, evenif there is no extra weight. Physical activity will increase the rate of the metabolismand that will increase the ratio of certain chemical reactions in our bodies,including the so much wanted fat burning process. Simply explained, exercisingrequires energy and if needed energy exceeds the energy taken through food, itis obvious that additional sources of energy are needed. That additional energy isacquired from the fat cells. If the physical activity is intensive and moreexerting, more energy is needed and more fat will be burned.

How does dieting help?

Diets are based on the reduction of calories insertedthrough food. There is an amount of energy that our bodies need for normalfunctioning, and if that amount is higher than the amount of energy taken viafood, the fat burning process starts. This is why combining exercises and dietingis excellent for a fast weight reduction. Of course, there are some basic rulesthat should be followed. Basic nutrients should be used, even in diets, and eliminating one of those might lead to creating some side effects that are notgood for health.

How do supplements help?

For an additional effect, some supplements can be used. For example,some products with hormone can be used, such as hCG drops. So, how to loseweight with hCG drops? hCG burns fat because it needs more energy to prepare thewoman's body for pregnancy. Actually, hCG levels are highest in a woman when shebecomes pregnant. Far less amounts are needed for inducing a fat burningprocess. Some will say that this might not be the best possible solution whenit comes to dieting, but that is something that is open for discussion. Finally,most of the diets today cannot be called a hundred percent healthy and everyonestill uses them. The only advice that should be given here is to stop with adiet, whatever it is, when some problems occur.

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