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Is there a perfect diet, a regime that will help all thepeople lose the excessive weight without any problems, without a pause and in arelatively short time? Well, it seems like the answer is not the same for all.One diet might have several different effects on different people and that isbecause we are all basically different when it comes to the anatomy, muscle to fatratio, rate of metabolism etc. Also, some people simply cannot follow certainstrict rules and cannot even pull through with the entire diet.


Looking for a good diet will take a person on interestingjourney, which will teach people about numerous nutritive options. But basically,it is needed to eat healthy and regularly. Eating healthy means that healthyfood should create the entire menu, with fruits and vegetables being the mostimportant part, while unhealthy food should be cut down to minimum. Fast food may be taken occasionally, but theproblem is that frequency of eating unhealthy has a tendency to increase overtime and that, besides eating, causes obesity.

There are fast diets which last for about two weeks, and theycan be quite effective with a lot of pounds eliminated in that short time. But,lost pounds are not all from fat tissue, and that is the problem here. Reduced weightcomes also from muscle tissue and excessive water, and those are pounds that tend to returnfast after the diet is over. This means that this diet has to be continued withanother, less strict diet so that the fat burning process will be continued.

Healthy and balanced diet can also be used; what's more, this is a muchhealthier option, which does need some more time for weight reduction but lostpounds should stay away for good. This is because eating habits created duringthis diet should be applied the entire life when dieting process is long gone(of course, rules do not have to be so strict).


There are many types of dieting and two mentioned would besome basic types from which all other are made. It might be said that perhapsthe best thing to do would be using a fast diet for initial huge weight lossand then to continue with a healthy and balanced eating. This is just one ofthe choices. It is left to people to discover what will be the best eatingschedule for them. When some physical activity is added into the picture,weight will be gone easily.

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