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What is the only thing that should be known when it comes to people who need to lose weight immediately? Well, some complex answer regarding eating habits and exercising is definitely needed, but the thing is that whatever a person does, he or she has to stay away from fast, fad diets. So, the advice would be - get off the diet roller coaster and kick fad weight loss plans! They are not good, they are not healthy, and whatever is lost, will return!


When diets are mentioned, people think of some rigorous rules and starvation. Wrong! Dieting is all about eating habits and having a menu scheduled for a week, for example. What will be the content of that menu, depends on the person and its mental strength. There are diets that are based on normal, healthy eating, with total daily amount of calories just slightly reduced than normal (for instance, 1200-1500 for women and about 2000 for men) and there are fast diets that promise effective weight reduction in the matter of days, literally.

How does a fad diet work? It is based on drastic decrease of the calories taken in, usually by cutting down carbohydrates or fats. This will create a huge energy disbalance between needed and actual energy. Because of this, energy has to be replenished and excessive fat tissue is perfect for it. The problem is, when fat burning process starts, the organism goes into defensive state where it tries to save that fat. Our body simply does not know that reduction of carbs and fats is intentional and tries to do whatever is possible to maintain current conditions. So, this is why in many cases, muscle tissue reduction begins. When elimination of excessive water and colon cleansing is added (colon cleansing is often included in these diets), it is obvious why there is a drastic decrease of weight in a short time. And when a diet is over and a person does not succeed in not returning to old eating habits, well, the pounds do return and those two weeks (which is the average length of fast diets) are wasted.


Healthy weight reduction must include eating of all the needed nutrients. Some experts say that fat burning process cannot start without the intake of both carbs and fats. Perhaps the best advice for all those who are in need of weight reduction would be to increase physical activity and eat normally and healthy. As already said at the start...

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