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There are many different types of exercising and all of those help people in the process of weight reduction and also with muscle toning. But there are those people who are simply not satisfied with having a fit and strong body only, and they need something more. For those people, martial arts is an ideal option. Besides having a strong and attractive body, something new will be learned.


One of the oldest sport activities that resembles Asian martial arts but comes from Western civilization is boxing. It focuses upper torso and arm movements. A boxer will learn how to land punches and how to block the incoming attack. That is why there are many people who practice boxing today, both as professionals and as amateurs. Also, there is a high number of women becoming engaged in this activity also as competitors and non competitors. Boxing workouts for women are not different from those for men, which is a good thing because there is only one way to develop a boxer properly, so there must be no difference between a male and female boxer.


Boxing workouts for women and men include both cardio and muscle mass growing and toning. Cardio is essential for burning excessive fat tissue. Fat is dangerous because it will slow down the boxer significantly and that is not a good thing. Also, muscle mass is important in order to increase the power of the punch. Boxing workouts can be performed at home and in the gym. Beginners should really start in a boxing gym in order to learn the basics. After that, home workout can be applied. When home workout has been chosen, all that a practitioner might need is a boxing bag. This is the only way to substitute a live opponent, at least to a certain level. Also, video media can be used for learning more about boxing and also for performing boxing techniques well.

As most of the training session, boxing workout must begin with cardio warm up. This can be achieved with spot jogging and similar variations, which should last for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, punching exercises should be applied. This can be done with punching only or with combining punching with evading. A couple of minutes for doing it is enough and then it should be splashed with intensive push-ups and abs exercises. The final stage of the training session should include boxing bag workout and then stretching for preventing possible muscle injuries.

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