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For losing weight, there are several things that can be done. One of those is cardio workout and many experts will confirm that this just might be the best thing to do when it comes to elimination of excessive fat tissue. But, when cardio is mentioned, people usually think about slow pace exercises, with not much sweating etc. But, cardio can also be very intensive and it is this cardio intensive workout which is responsible for fast weight lose, easy muscle toning and strengthening of the entire organism.


Cardio workout is based on using low level of strength so that exercising can be done for a long time (for example, running a mile more or doing many reps with small additional weights). This type of workout does not exhaust muscles quickly so they can work out more and spend more energy, which is essential for a fat burning process. And when that cardio workout is intensive and exerting, the body will become strong and shaped attractively. Boxing workout to lose weight is a perfect example of this type of cardio workout and it should be performed by all those who want to be strong and without excessive fat tissue.


Learning the secrets of this popular sport activity can be very fun and interesting, but if a person is not much interested in that aspect of boxing, at least fat burning is enough to perform these exercises. What is the point of boxing workouts? After the basic training, boxers actually perform training as if they are in a boxing match. This means that they are performing some sort of plyometrics/interval training. They do intensive and fast exercises for about two minutes, which is a standard duration of a boxing round in amateur boxing, and then they have a short pause period.

They have several exercising forms performed during those two minutes. One period can be used for running as much and as fast as possible. Next period can be used for standard boxing motions, punching, evading, blocking, etc. Punching should combine all three major punch types, and a practitioner should try as many combinations as possible in the given time. Even though it is obvious, it has to be said that serious training program like this also requires a healthy lifestyle. This goes for eating because mostly fresh, healthy and natural food should be used, while junk food, eating late and overeating should be excluded from the menu.

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