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When people decide to start with exercising, it is very importantto choose an activity that will not cause boredom after a while. It might notseem so important at the beginning, because exercises should not be regarded as interesting orboring, but that just might be essential. Exercising should last for a longtime, some say that physical activity should be applied throughout the entire life. Therefore,choosing an activity that will always remain interesting is very important.That is why, when it comes to increased physical activity, a lot of people tendto turn to martial arts. Martial arts include both, physical activity and learning how to physically subdue an opponent.

Types of martial arts

Most of the martial arts use a combined type of training.Those two types are cardio workout and muscle mass increase. Cardio workoutincludes running and aerobic forms. Running is used in almost all martial artstrainings and is excellent warming up exercise. It activates almost all musclegroups and warms those up to a working level which will prevent certainproblems like muscle spasms, all sorts of strain (muscle, ligament and tendons)and joint issues. Muscle mass increaseis also needed, at least to a certain level. Strength is needed for moreeffective performing of certain techniques, and is especially emphasized inmartial arts that are based on kicking and punching (kickboxing, for example).


Even though kickboxing benefits from increased muscle mass,it is not essential. What are kickboxing exercises facts? Strength is needed,because every punch and kick needs to be as strong as possible. But theeffectiveness of punches and kicks does not depend on muscle mass only. Abalance between muscle mass and speed should be at the most effective level possible. Sometimes, a hand that does not have extremely developed muscles canland a powerful punch if a speed is high. In some cases, increased muscle massonly slows down a kick boxer. When it comes to fat burning, statistics say thatone hour of kickboxing spends about four hundred calories per hour.

It is important to exercise properly, especially when itcomes to martial arts. When performing a regular physical activity, the only personthat can be hurt is the performer, but in the martial arts, inadequate practicecan hurt someone else too. That is why in martial arts, it is essential to listento instructor and apply the techniques as told.

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