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When it comes to specific body areas, it is not easy to completely develop them without patience, intensive training and dieting. The most problematic region is the abdominal area.

Abdominal muscles

Muscles in the abdominal region are generally divided into lower, upper and side areas. Experts recommend that when performing abdominal exercises, lower abs should be worked out first. This is because when exercising your lower part, the whole abdominal area is affected and under tension. Abdominal exercises include sit ups, crunches and leg raises, which are basic exercises, but of course, there are those that are bit harder and that are intended for advanced practitioners. For example, there are hanging leg raises. This is performed with grabbing the chin up bar and holding torso while raising legs (legs can be straight or bent in knees).

When it comes to workout, there are many training schedules that are targeting only abdominal area. For those who have managed to reduce the fat tissue, all that is left is increasing the muscle mass in this region and toning. Ab circle pro workouts are based on performing only abdominal exercises and most of those are based on lower abs.


These workouts are based on almost constantly being in a crunch position. The exercises are performed with legs and they include leg raising, performing bicycle and circle motions, just holding still etc. There are also several forms of jumps, which include raising knees as high as possible. To perform this, the core has to be under contraction all the time. Also, there are perhaps ten exercises like these, and they create a set that needs to be repeated as much as possible.


Cardio workout is needed for both elimination of fat tissue and toning the abdominal muscles. Even though most of the focusing exercises, such as sit ups and crunches are cardio type of workouts, exercises like running or using a treadmill or elliptical trainer should be also performed. This is great for those people who are still fighting with excessive fat, which is generally accumulated more in the abdominal area. Also, the supplements should be used as much as possible, especially energy boosters, fat burners (if needed), muscle mass gainers, etc. If excessive fat is hard to deal with, it is recommended to start a diet, but nothing too strict because of the increased physical activity.

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