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Working out with a Punching Bag

Even though many think that punchingbags are designed solely for those who desire to improve theirpunching skills for whichever martial arts they are training, they would be wrong since there is much more to this, rather simple, piece ofequipment. Namely, a punching bag is a great way of losing weight andtoning your muscles, since this activity will activate many of yourmuscles at once. Moreover, you can combine many different types ofpunches, each being physically demanding in its own way. Once youperfect your punching technique, you may include kicking in theprocess. Then, you may combine the two types of workout, making asingle, thorough, excellent one.

All you need for a good punching bagtraining you can indulge into daily is, naturally, a punching bag.Also, you will need to have good quality punching gloves, wrist tapeand hand bandages so that you can be adequately protected doing yourhigh intensity courses of exercising. Make sure you secure your handsgood and put on your gloves nice and tight. Additionally, install thepunching bag securely, since, after all, you will be punching andkicking it for quite some time. After you have done all this, yourpunching bag training is free to commence.

The Punching Bag Exercise Routine

Before you start your training, youabsolutely need to get a proper warm-up. This is done throughstretching, jogging a bit and doing about 50 step ups. Once you havecompleted this, you are ready to go. It is best to divide yourtraining into four 3 minute sessions, with about a minute pause inbetween, so that you can rest and take a breath. Thus, consider these to berounds in your boxing match. During these rounds, you are to combinedifferent punches changing hands and performing straight punches,jabs, hooks, uppercuts and cross punches.

As for the number of sets being bestfor you, concentrate on your stamina and endurance. Thus, if you canhandle doing 10 sets of each punch, do it. Later on, when you startfeeling stronger, you can advance to more sets of your exercises.When you manage to do all punches perfectly and with minimal effort,it is time for you to introduce kicks into the procedure, making yourtraining much more complicated but, at the same time, far moreeffective. After each of your workouts is done, it is best to relaxfor a couple of minutes, lying down and breathing deeply with youreyes closed.

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