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It is a well known fact that physical activity is very important for maintaining the healthy body. There are many different types of workout and they all have a different impact on the muscles. Men are usually into increasing muscle mass, although there is no distinctive difference anymore. Strong muscles are desired by all, and those muscles can be lean or bulked up.


Today, many use a combination of both, cardio and resistance training, in order to create an attractive body. Aerobics are a cardio type of workout. This is because it uses a low level of strength, involving slow muscle contraction that allows the presence of oxygen, which prolongs the exercising session. Lactic acid is not accumulated quickly, which is a reason why muscles do not get tired easily. Another characteristic of aerobic workout is that it includes rhythmic motions that involve several muscle groups. And since there is no exact focusing on only one muscle group, the entire body is developing, slowly but steadily. No bulk up effect is present here, because there is usually no additional weight, and even if there is, it is something light, nothing that will cause some intensive physical exertion.


Beginners should start with light forms of aerobic, those that are not strenuous at all. They include jogging in one spot, stretching, jumps, torso rotating forms, some abdominal exercises etc. Actually, there are a lot of aerobic schedules available that are not problematic and should be done by those who are just starting. Perhaps some light dumbbells exercises could also be included to develop the arms a bit more. For those who want something more but still stay in the aerobic realm, there are more intensive cardio workouts that can be performed a bit differently. For example, simple jumps can be a very light exercise, but if raising knees is involved, that becomes very strenuous. So, when a jump is done, when the body is in the air, extra effort is needed for raising the knees as high as possible. This is an excellent form for strengthening the core (abdominal and lower back area).

But there is no need to rush things. More exerting exercises should be done as much as practitioner feels like it, and then he or she should switch to light versions, until the body is fully prepared. Aerobic cardio workout is excellent for burning excessive fat and that is why it is commonly recommended for those people who are struggling with obesity.

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