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Living a professional sports career is always hard. This may go twice for boxing. It requires starting at an early age, a lot of work, sacrifice, complete dedication and patience. It takes years just to begin achieving professional ranks.

It is hard to estimate how long it takes to achieve a status of professional boxer, because the progress is depending on individual performance. One thing that statistics indicate is that most big names in boxing started learning the basics very young.

Training regime becomes more serious with age. Professional boxers require training under seasoned instructors to guide them. Regular exercise increases the stamina level required for fights.

Training plan
Boxer training plan is very important. It is supposed to consist out of certain often used training elements.For example, warm up can include 10 minutes of jump rope. This is a great movement exercise and prepares the body for further workout. About 20 minutes of sit-ups works on abdominal muscles. Shadow boxing, mirror training, speed and heavy bag punching, circuit training are all included in the daily workout plan. It is very important to have 30 minutes of jogging and 10 minutes of boxing practice every day. The workout should end with relaxation techniques and stretching to keep injuries and muscle pain away.
Life of a professional boxer is very disciplined. This includes healthy lifestyle with healthy and strong nutrition. Unhealthy food and bad habits like drinking and smoking should be avoided. This sacrifice ensures staying fit and having high energy levels.
All the dedication and hardship of training and fighting require high level of physical fitness, strong mind and high energy reserve. To accomplish this it is important to keep a positive attitude to keep the fighter's spirit up. By achieving a stable mental state the fighter copes with winning and losing better keeping the mind clear for the next challenge in line.
Having a professional coach is of utmost importance whether the boxer is male or female. The coach guides the boxer through boxing rules and regulations, teaches defence and attack techniques from basics, keeps the boxer motivated and hones his competitive spirit. Having history of training champions and having a great track record often implies a good coach. A boxer should stick to a good coach, because changing coaches often is counter productive for training.
Being a member of a boxing club is very important. In clubs, fighters learn by observation of other boxers and fighting daily to test their skill level. Permanent membership enables a boxer to be involved in club or inter club competitions that are great for building experience and confidence. Being a part of professional boxing institutions like WBO, WBC and IBF opens a lot of doors.
Boxing manager is a key figure in a boxer’s career. A good manager is aware of fighter capabilities and arranges the matches and tournament participations that are most suiting for professional progress. This makes a great manager more than worth the 10 percent fee of boxer’s income.
Winning is a very important part of a boxer's career. It is a great indicator of boxer’s ability to adapt and progress. Every match should be approached at full strength with complete dedication.

These guidelines are a good start on the road of becoming a professional boxer. The rest is up to the personal passion and dedication and of course a lot of hard work.

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