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Many boxing champions hated every single second of their trainings, finding it hard to endure the rigorous, demanding and extremely heard workouts. However, they clenched their fists, mustered their strength and went through the process like the pros they are. Truly, there is no progress without sacrifice and dedication, at least in the world of boxing. You need to follow every step of every training religiously, in order to become a champion.

Boxing Workouts for Beginners : Preparation

Even though boxing requires great amount of stamina and endurance, it mainly concentrates and focuses on anaerobic exercises and activities. In fact, 80 to 90% of the time, during boxing, your heart rate is at its maximum. Thus, you have to undergo serious anaerobic training, being intensive and short, lasting for about two minutes, being followed by a minute of breathing. Also, drills, running and plyometric exercises are the part of boxing routine.

The Workout

First of all, sprinting forward, running backward, exercising with a jumping rope and performing jumping jacks are all excellent workout routines for developing and boosting your core strength. Yet, never start these without a proper warm-up and stretching.

Once you are done with the previous part, you can move on to punches. Before this is possible, however, you need to know how to wrap your wrist properly, for protection. Additionally, you will need a good pair of boxing gloves. While maintaining the correct stance, keep one hand above your chin and face, for protection, while using the other for delivering punches. Keep the foot opposite to your punching arm in front, while slightly raising the heels on the foot left behind. There are 4 basic punch types – hook, cross, jab and uppercut, so practice them on a punching bag, learning how to combine them best.

When you develop your strength enough, allowing you to throw punches for 3 minutes without stopping and repeating this action after a minute of pause, you are ready for sparring. Go to the gym and find a good trainer who will guide you through the process.

A Good Training Routine

During the first day, make sure you dedicate 5 minutes to rope jumping and the same amount of time to shadow boxing. Then, move on to 8 rounds of bag punching, each lasting for 3 minutes with a single minute pause. Give your best to throw about 70 to 120 punches in a round, combining them.

Then, end the training with 20 squat jumps, 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups, followed by 30 straight punches while carrying 3 to 5 pound weights, repeating the punching 4 times. End the routine with 100 crunches and 100 bicycles.

The next day, repeat the routine, but measure your time, focusing on intensity and intervals.

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