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There are a lot of benefits created by increased physical activity. Let's just mention increased strength of the muscles, decreased excessive weight, increased energy (excellent for performing all daily activities), stronger libido and stronger immune system. There are also certain systems in the organism (such as gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system), which directly benefit from increased physical activity. Also, the rate of the basal metabolism is increased, which is great for the health status of the body.


Cardio and resistance training would be some basic workout types. Cardio is generally used for fat burning, while resistance training is more focused on increasing the muscle mass. These are just basics, but the training sessions today include both of the mentioned types, with a focus on whatever a person exercising needs. There are also some other workouts that might be interesting and are not that common. What would be some flexibility workouts? What are the forms used for raising flexibility and elasticity of the body?


Usually, each training session starts with a warming up part, followed by stretching or the other way around, and the training session ends with another short period of stretching and extending the used muscles. These are important elements of each workout because they prevent injuries from occurring (usually muscle related, strains, spasms, cramps). For example, bending the torso front and down in standing position and trying to reach the toes with fingers is a common and widely used stretching form (without bending the legs in knees),

One of the toughest forms to exercise is backbend. This is performed from standing position, while arms are raised and head should be looking at the hands. From that position, hands are moved backwards and down, trying to always look at the hands. Form is done when hands touch the floor and the entire body is propped on feet and hands.

Even harder form of backbend would include using forearms instead of hands and then trying to position the head as close as possible to the knees. It has to be mentioned that this is very difficult and it does require a lot of practicing.

There are also flexibility exercises for joints, which are very important for almost all types of workout. One form includes covering one hand with the palm of the other. Then Flexing of the fingers starts and this should be done until the pain is felt. When that happens, a person should try to maintain that position as long as possible.

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