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Running is one of the most beneficial activities when it comes to cardio workout. Cardio is essential for those who want to reduce their weight. Cardio workout is usually including aerobic exercises, which are generally slow and do not use a lot of strength. This allows a practitioner to exercise longer than usual, because muscles do not get tired so easily. Because of this, lactic acid does not build fast in muscles, which slows down tiredness of the muscles.

Running activates most of the muscles in the body and that is why it is very effective for fat burning. All of the body parts are included in the running motion and that is why overall loss of fat tissue is high, higher than with muscle mass building (usually muscle building is performed with activating one or just a few muscles). But in order for running to be effective and proper, there are some things that should be known.Tips for exercising

Clothes that are worn during running should be made of cotton and must not be tight and close to skin. This will ensure that air flow will be constant along the skin surface, which is important for reducing the evaporation and sweating. This will lower the body temperature and prevent overheating, which also reduces the time of exercising. Choice of running shoes is also very important. Heel pain when running is something that happens commonly and it can partially be avoided with good running shoes. Also, choice of running trek is important. Concrete should be avoided if possible, because it might damage the joints. Athletic treks have excellent structure for runners. Of course, not everyone is able to have access to this type of treks. Actually, running outdoors might be the biggest problem here. This is why many people turn to using treadmill for this type of exercising. A good treadmill should have a strong engine, several different programs (different speeds and incline) and a long warranty. Sometimes, it might be a good idea to buy a used machine, especially if a person is just beginning with some exercising program. Warm up part

To avoid injuries, a practitioner should warm up and stretch properly before running. This goes for the spine, arms and legs. Joints should be well warmed up too and simple fast rotation motions are enough for that. Stretching should be done after the training session, too. The last tip would be to use running not only as entire session, but also as the initial session of some combining workout. Combining muscle mass building and running is an excellent thing for creating a strong and attractive body, capable of facing any physical challenge.

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