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People can engage in workout in many ways. A chosen workout should depend on what the body actually needs. If there is a lot of excessive weight, then cardio workout should be applied. If a person needs additional muscle mass, then bulking up techniques should be done. What are the best choices when it comes to cardio workout?

Fat burning

It is already known that cardio workout is a great workout type for all those who want to reduce a lot of weight. This happens because of the low impact of cardio workout, which does not tire the muscles quickly and therefore, a person may practice for a longer time. Increased period of performing exercises will definitely burn more calories and that ends with elimination of more fat. Working out with low impact elliptical exercise machines is one of the best ways to apply cardio exercising. Elliptical trainer requires from a practitioner motions similar to those done in so-called ski walking.

This is a motion that needs the entire body to be engaged. There are feet pads, which make legs perform something similar to bicycle motions, while arms are holding the upper, vertical bars that constantly go forward and back. So when, for example, the left arm is stretched, the right leg is stretched too, and vice versa. This also makes the torso and waist constantly moving, which burns additional amount of calories. Some would say that this is a safer device than the treadmill because feet are constantly on the pads, there is no impact, which happens when feet hit the ground while jogging or while on a treadmill. Even though this might not seem like such a big deal, it actually is, because those impacts can easily harm the joints, especially knees and ankles.


It is very important to constantly change the rhythm of the workout while on the elliptical trainer. When the body is constantly repeating the same motion over and over again, no matter how hard it is in the beginning, the muscles will become used to it, it will be easier and therefore, less energy will be consumed, which should be avoided. And it can be avoided with a so-called cross training, which asks from a practitioner to activate used muscles in a completely different way. By doing so, even more energy will be needed and that will help with overall weight reduction. To increase the effect of exercising some more, a healthy diet should be used too.

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