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Yoga exercises for beginners

Yoga, as an exercise, is more and more popular as a form of physical exercise, especially one aspect named Hatha Yoga. Even though it seems that Yoga of the Western part of the world is mostly focused on fitness and health, and not so much on spirituality, since the spreading of the practice of yoga, it has acknowledged its spiritual roots a lot more. During the period of last 10 years, schools that teach yoga are paying more attention on mental and spiritual development, such as it was with the traditional yoga. Of course, physical part of development is still there.

First, everyone must know that yoga is a full system of exercises that will balance both mind and body, not just some series of exercises. At first, when one starts, it can go slow, but since it is a lifelong practice, in time and with discipline, one will master the poses.

Downward Facing Dog

This one is known as one of the most fundamental of poses. Your back, shoulders and legs benefit from this pose. Star by going on all fours, with your hands underneath your shoulders and fingers spread. Know that your knees should be as widely spread as your hips. Now, push your palms forward and away, while you roll over your toes. Remember to keep your knees bent, but not too much. Try to get your body into an upside-down letter V, by first get your chest in a straight line from palms to hips and then straighten your legs.

The Lunge

From a down dog position, you should raise one of your legs behind you. Next, swing it beneath you bending its knee and place your foot between your hands. If it's not easy, do it slowly and, inch by inch, get your foot there. Now, place the other knee down and with the help of your stomach muscles lift your torso so that it is straight and your chest is looking right in front of you. Get your hips even by squaring them. And, lastly, place the knee of the leg that you were swinging over the ankle of that leg. Do it by rocking your body forward.

Sphinx Pose

This is an excellent basic exercise for the people who are just starting doing yoga. Start by lying face down, legs straight out behind you. Elbows should be underneath the shoulders. Keep your forearms up, parallel and pressed on the floor. Now, while pushing the forearms downwards, lift the head and chest in a continuous curve by extending out the shoulders. Protect your lower back by squeezing the thighs and buttocks together, and stretch out your neck so that it doesn't get in an angle that would not be comfortable for you. When in this pose, do not move for as long as you want. When you're done, gently get yourself down on the floor.

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