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Recently, yoga has become very popular in the West. People started to embrace yoga practice because of many physical and mental benefits it brings. Those practicing yoga for some time will tell you that they feel more confident, stronger, but also fitter than before. These exercises, breathing and meditation can help you achieve better posture, improve your digestion and circulation, decrease the stress and even help you find your purpose in your life.

Yoga Beginners

Sometimes, people watching some yoga photos or videos think that these are not exercises for them. Don’t be discouraged by some complicated positions, because your body will adjust to different postures and poses (or asanas) gradually, over time. No one will ever force you to do anything you can’t do at the yoga class.

Yes, there are some difficult positions in yoga, but this is simply because our body is not used to moving in every direction as it should be. With some time, patience and practice, you will be able to maintain the position and breathe normally, in every yoga position.

Every beginner’s yoga class consists of some simple exercises. There are several different ways to perform the yoga poses, and you can sit, stand, kneel, bend forward, to the side or backward, twist, balance or invert while maintaining the yoga positions. In most cases, yoga instructors start with some simple warm up exercises which may include some sitting positions, on the floor, for the people dealing with yoga for the first time. There are some very simple and basic exercises everyone can perform, regardless of age, medical condition or fitness. Gradually, yoga teachers will include some other positions and teach you how to breathe while performing them. Proper breathing is very important in yoga, and your teachers will always emphasize that fact.

How Much to Exercise

About 15 minutes every day is usually recommended for every yoga beginner. Since you will need to take some time for breathing exercises, you might need some more time doing yoga, but not more than 25 minutes.

Simple Beginners Positions

Sidhasana and baddha konasana are two of the easiest positions for the yoga newbies. Baddha konasana is also known as the butterfly position. You are sitting on the floor, and your legs are in the butterfly position, your feet are together, while your hands and fingers are interlaced and wrapped around the toes. This is one of the best exercises for the hips and spine, but it is also great for strengthening your chest.

Siddhasana position is the one frequently associated with people practicing yoga. This is also sitting position, your legs are crossed and the palms of your hands rest on the knees, facing upwards.

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