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Yoga has been performed all around the world for many years but has only recently become very popular in western society. It has many benefits ranging from relaxation which is definitely needed in today’s world, to improved flexibility, suppleness and strength. You can also gain a great sense of balance from performing yoga poses. Yoga can dramatically assist with the relief of the tension build up that many people experience. Yoga will not require a person to overexert themselves but just gently assist with inner peace and radiant health. There are basically seven chief types of movements which your body can do using the yoga poses. These are called flexion, extension, hyperextension, abduction, adduction and circumduction. By combining these movements it can assist a person to get stronger, build additional flexibility as well as get a balanced body. You can see below a few basic yoga poses you can try and once you feel comfortable and confident with them, they can be included into a proper yoga workout.

Cat and Dog Pose

This type of pose was designed to help with the flexibility of the spine as well as treating stress and strain on the back. You need to go onto the floor like a dog if you will, have your shoulders above your hands and have your legs hip width distance between them. Now gently and slowly breathe in and lift your tail bone to the sky and your stomach down to the ground so your back is curving like the shape of a U. Now breathe out slowly and allow your body to bend the other way like a cat does, so the spine is now in the shape of an upside down U.

Forward Bend

This yoga pose stretches the legs and spine. You will need to stand up straight and breathe in whilst raising your arms to a position above your head. Now breathe out and let your arms go forward and then to the floor whilst bending at the knees slightly. If you are able, allow your hands to fall down to the floor.

The Triangle Pose

This pose will stretch the spine, open the torso, and improve your balance. You need to stand up with your feet apart by around three feet, now turn your left foot about ninety degrees to the left and at the same time turn your right foot forty five degrees to the inside. Breathe in and stretch to the left so your left hip goes down and your right hip rises.

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