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One of the oldest but also and most popular discipline of today is yoga. Yoga presents very specific group of exercises that improve body and soul.

The yoga originates from India, but is also find place in western civilization especially during twenties century. The specificities of yoga are huge, but maybe the most interesting thing about yoga is that it is a discipline that can be performed al people at all ages, no matter if they ever have practiced any sport or not. Yoga is exceptional process and the goal is achieved if the person starts to feel better during the exercises. It is most important thing that all exercises should be performed without any effort.

Yoga also has the levels. In the first level the exercises are light and those can be done by anyone at any age. Every next level has more complicated exercises. It is also very important to mention that levels must be followed by order from the lightest to much harder. As already been said, yoga is process and process requests discipline and order.

In the following lines, some of the advanced yoga poses will be mentioned.


Crow pose or crane pose (Bakasana)-this exercise is very good for strength of the wrists, arms and abdomen. Flying crow pose (Eka Pada Galavasana)-improves the balance and it is good for forearms strength. Pigeon pose (Eka pada Rajakapotasana )-it helps in strengthening the thighs. Eagle pose (Garudasana)- good for flexibility and strength of leg muscles. Monkey pose (Hanumanasana)- it helps in strengthening the hamstrings. King dancer pose (Natarajasana)- also helps in strengthening of the legs and improving balance. Revolved half moon pose (Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana)- this is the fully stretching. Compass pose (Parivata surya Yantrasana)-also helps strengthens the hamstrings and also helps flexibility of the shoulders. Forearm stand (Pincha mayurasana)- helps increasing strength and flexibility of shoulders, abdomen and back and also increases the balance. Headstand (Salamba sirsasana)- very similar to forearm stand but is more complicated because balance is on the head. Firefly pose (Tittibhasana)- it helps in strength of forearms, shoulders and wrists. Scorpion pose (Vrschikasana)- it also helps in strength of shoulder, but also in toughening of abdominal and back muscles.

It is very important to be said that all these yoga poses are very complicated and if you are not experienced in this area, you certainly should not do it. Even if you have some experience with yoga practice, all those mentioned poses you should do with some trained master, otherwise you can get serious injury.

At the end, we must wish you to find good yoga teacher and a lot of patience.

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