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There are the many benefits to having forearms that are muscular. Firstly and obviously they look good but also by having the muscular forearms you will be able to do sports with a more improved action, you will be able to do exercises such as chin-ups, dead lifts and bicep curls better. See below for some exercises that will help you to get your forearms looking more muscular.

Barbell Wrist Curls

This form of exercise will definitely improve those forearms. You will need to put your body so that you are leaning forward so you are putting your forearms sandwiched between your legs on the bench, at the same time as sitting down on it. You will need to have your palms facing yourself at the time when you take a hold of the barbell. Now you can lower the barbell as your wrists are at their complete scope. At this stage you can loosen your grasp on the barbell and allow it move a little lower. After which you can tighten it once again and go back with your wrist to its normal place. Now repeat the exercise.

Farmer's Walk

This is known by many as the number one exercise for improving your forearm muscles because it will strengthen them. You will need to use both of your hands to lift up two dumbbells holding plenty of mass. Remember to keep your back in a straight line and your arms down and now you need to walk as long as you possibly can devoid of feeling that it’s not viable to maintain your arms in the air. You can allow your arms a break and then carry on walking when you are able.

Reverse Barbell Curls

This exercise will not only work your forearms but also your biceps. Firstly grab yourself a barbell which has an overhand hold and you will need to space out your hands and your feet. Your hands need to be approximately a hips length away from each other and your feet, a shoulders length apart. Make sure you are positioning your thumbs in the approved manner so they are wrapped on top of the bar, and not underneath it. Now you can commence to curl the barbell up to your shoulder level and then lower gently so that your arms are straight and the barbell is laying on your thigh area. This exercise can be repeated over and over again.

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