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Yoga is a traditional system of meditation and physical exercise that originates from India. Most of us today think about yoga as of a system of light stretching physical exercises. This modernized version of yoga, also known as Hatha yoga, is very much appreciated as a low-impact physical exercise that delivers a lot of benefits to the practitioner. Yoga improves the posture, increases the natural range of motion, and works as one of the best means for stress relief. However, yoga has various other great benefits and some of them are truly unique.

For example, yoga helps to massage and stimulate internal organs, by blocking and releasing the blood flow through certain parts of the body. According to the yoga teachers, this practice also stimulates the flow of vital energy through the body and helps to prevent and treat various ailments. This discipline has been studied and confirmed as effective treatment for many conditions including problems in digestion. Yoga, the 6th most commonly used alternative therapy in the United States, offers a couple of great postures that can help you to ease digestion. Here are some of them.

Seated Heart OpenerThis exercise is an easy stretch that opens the heart region, torso and creates space in the spine. This position is also great to ease abdominal cramps and to improve digestion of food. You can do this position while sitting on the floor or stretching on the chair. The most important thing is to ensure the body is stable, to prevent any kind of injury to the spine.

Begin by sitting on the heels and slowly lean back, placing the palms flat on the floor about 10 inches behind the back. The fingertips are pointing away, and the hands are pressing firmly to the ground. Once when you feel stable, start lifting your chest up to the sky and arch your back.

One-Legged Seated Spinal Twist

This is another seated position, suitable even for the beginners. It is a simple twist that animated the stomach and the rest of the digestive system. Additional benefit is achieved by releasing the stiffness in the lower back.

To perform this pose, sit straight on the floor with your legs stretching. Bend your left knee and cross the right elbow over the outside edge of the knee. Keep looking over the left shoulder. As you breathe, go deeper in the twist and stay in the position for at least 30 seconds.

Knees to Chest

This is a very simple position that helps with bloating and gas pains. This is a wind-relieving pose that is performed by lying on the back with both knees bent into the chest. The practitioner has to embrace the knees and rock them from side to side to massage abdominal organs.

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