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Calisthenics exercises are exercises such as pull ups, lunges and jumping jacks, which are the most popular exercises of this group. We will see how to do these exercises properly and get maximum results. The exercises termed calisthenics exercises are organized exercises that consist of variety of simple moves done without weights, exercises or other aiding items. The muscles will be toned, stronger and bigger with the help from these exercises, but only if they are done properly. We will focus on these popular exercises in the following lines.

Best Calisthenics Exercise

First exercise considered best in this group of exercises is jumping jacks, which is done while standing in erect position, with hands placed at the sides of the body. Keep the hands straight and legs close together. Then you need to spread the legs and hands in the air. Feet need to be in the position a bit wider then the shoulders, while hands need to come to the level of the ears or you can clap them above your head. Then retain the starting position and this is one jumping jack. Repeat as much as you can. This exercise will develop stamina, stretch the muscles and warm the body up. This exercise is great for the kids as well.

Next great exercise is lunges, which is done in the same starting position as the jumping jacks. Place the weight of the body on the middle area of the feet. Then you need to bend the hands in elbows and put palms on the hips. After that, move the left leg for one or two feet forward. Then the left leg's knee needs to be bent in front and placed over the foot's top and the right leg's heel needs to be bent, after which the lunging down should be done. When the knees reach right angle with the floor you should stop. Stay in this position from 2 or 3 seconds, while straightening the chest and back. This exercise needs to be repeated at least 20 times during the day. This basic form of lunges will involve leg muscles and give a good lower body workout.

Pull ups are next exercise, and to do them, you will need an overhead ledge or a bar that needs to be grasped at the beginning of the exercise. At the shoulder length, place the hands with palms facing away. Once the position is comfortable, pull up. This exercise involves back and hands the most. Do as much of them as you can and remember to hold your head above the bar for 2 or 3 seconds on every pull up. Repeat from 6 to 8 pull ups with several seconds apart. This is a great exercise for forearms and upper back muscles, which will be toned and stronger due to this exercise. This is one of the best exercises of the calisthenics group. Do this exercise properly, and the results will show.

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