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About Hatha yoga
Swatmarama was a spiritual mentor from India who lived in the 15th century and was the first man who brought Hatha yoga to life. The name Hatha comes from the words Ha, which means Sun, and Tha, which means Moon. Hatha yoga is actually something that should be practiced during the whole lifetime. There are different poses that this technique includes, but some of them are very hard to perform and need a lot of exercise. That is why everyone should begin with poses that are easy to perform and here we will talk about those poses. We will introduce some of the most popular that are adequate for beginners.
Basic Hatha yoga poses
Garland pose, also called Malasana in Sanskrit, is performed from standing and your feet must be apart. Than you should bend your knees coming into a squat. Your feet should be as parallel as possible. Bring your elbows to your inner knees, lift your hands towards your heart, and bring your palms together like when you want to pray. Straighten your spine and try not to bend it during performing this pose. Stay in this pose for five breaths and than come up straightening your legs and with your back straight. This posture will help you stretch your hips and inner thighs.Raised hands pose, known as Urdhva hastasana, is good for your shoulders and thighs. From the standing posture stretch your hands on the side and then raise them up. Bring your palms together and straighten your arms as much as you can. Your eyes should be looking in the direction of your thumbs. Keep your body straight.Mountain pose or Tadasana is excellent for reducing pain in the back and it is good for your posture. From a standing position feel the solid ground and try to feel how the weight of your body is distributed equally on your feet. Pull your thigh muscles upward and tone your stomach muscles. Your shoulders should be in the same line with your hips.Standing forward bend is known as Uttanasana. From the mountain pose band forward from your hips towards the floor with your hands on the floor. Keep your palms on the floor right beside your feet. The muscles on your thighs should be toned. Let your head hang freely from your neck. You should keep this posture for five seconds and after that, come up into the starting pose.

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