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Yoga for Fitness

Yoga is a great discipline which hasplenty of benefits, some more prominent than the others. When donecorrectly, yoga can boost your physical and mental health and makeyou feel better while looking better at the same time. However, inorder to reap all these benefits, you have to know how to performyoga exercises the right way. Posture is a crucial factor of doingyoga. Thus, you need to know how to position your body the right wayonce you start exercising. Naturally, you also need to know how to dothe exercises themselves. For all the useful information regardingyoga posture and some basic exercises, read on.

Yoga Postures for Fitness Improvement

The following exercise is great forenhancing your posture, while, at the same time removing any lesssignificant pain you might be feeling in your back area.

The initial step of this exerciseinvolves you lying on the floor, on your stomach, with your legs andfeet close to each other and the palms of your hands resting on thefloor, beneath your shoulders. Then, while keeping your shoulders onthe floor, you are to raise your head and your chest above the mat.Perform this process gradually, and make sure you are doingeverything correctly. Additionally, make sure your thighs and pelvisare on the floor the whole time. Then, hold this position for about30 seconds, paying close attention to your slow and even breathsthrough the nose. Repeat afterwards.

In order to make your abdominal musclesstronger, you are to stand erect, with your feet at your shoulder'swidth and your arms spread in front of you, palms facing the floor.Then, as if you are going to sit down, bend your knees and balancethis position, keeping the center of your gravity located in yourheels. During this time, make sure you do not lower your hips belowthe knee level. Once in this position, look in front of you andbreathe slowly for about 20 seconds before repeating the wholeprocess.

In order to have a straight spine andno digestive problems, you are to recline on your back, keeping therest of your body on the ground. Then, as you start breathing, youare to bend one leg at the knee and move it closer to your chest.While in this position, place your neck and shoulders backwards,towards the ground, keeping your hands on the knee. Breathe in thismanner for about 10 seconds and repeat the whole procedure, finishingthe set by holding both of your legs in the same manner.

Finally, you may sit on the floor, withyour knees bent and your feet on the floor. Then, while breathing,straighten your legs and expand your arms, keeping this pose for 30seconds.

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