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Many people think that weights are needed for increasing the muscle mass. And this is where they make a mistake. Strength and bulked up effect do not have to be in the same equation. There are also lean muscles that can be very strong and have a lot of muscle mass, but without the body builder effect. To reach this type of strength, exercises without weights should be used and with those, each part of the body can be strengthened to the fullest.


Push-ups, pull-ups and dips are basic forearm exercises without weight, which will affect not only forearm but actually the entire arms, shoulders, upper torso and to some level, even back and abs. Push-up is performed with using the strength of the arms only. A practitioner should be parallel to the floor, leveraging the body on the palms and toes. Arms are stretched and from this starting position the body is going down by bending the arms in elbows. The most important thing here is to keep the body straight as much as possible, meaning that neck, spine and legs should be in one straight line, as much as possible. This is what ensures that only arms are working out and raising the torso. There are several variations of this exercise, all based on different distance between palms, height level of feet and on what is used instead of palms (knuckles, fingers, one arm, etc.).


Pull-up is one of the hardest exercises for some people, especially those who have increased body weight. For this exercise a bar is needed. It is positioned horizontally, high above the head and in such a way that it can easily withstand the weight of the practitioner. Now, a practitioner should grab the bar with hands (jumping if necessary to reach the bar). Once the bar is grabbed, body should relax with arms stretched. If the height is not enough, legs should be bent in knees so that they do not touch the ground (the entire body weight is hanging). From this position, the practitioner lifts the body with the use of arms only (forearms particularly).

The third exercise is dips, which can be done with or without the help of two parallel bars. If there are no bars, a chair or a bed can help. A practitioner places the arms back with palms on the bed or chair, while the rest of the body is propped on the heels. Body can be straight or bent in hips. Similar to push-ups, the body is lowered with bending the arms in elbows and it goes up with extending the arms.

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