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About eighty per cent of us will suffer from back problems at some stage in our life. These problems are generally mechanical and self developed. There are many reasons as to why back pain might be affecting you, including obesity, poor posture, and slouching. These problems can normally be solved through the use of treatments like physical therapy, massage, traction, and chiropractic care. However, it is also important to build up strength in your back and the back muscles. In order to this, it will be necessary to undertake some exercises that can help one to strengthen the back. For the most part, these exercises are aimed at releasing tension and stretching the spine.


Pull ups are a great way to strengthen the back. In order to perform this exercise, you will need to have an overhead bar. Grip the bar with your hands and slowly draw your body upwards. Move upwards until your chin touches the bar. This can be a difficult exercise to master, so don’t be put off if at first you can’t do it properly.

For the side bridge exercise, you will need to lie on your side. Push yourself upwards, with the lower arm resting on the floor. Keep your hips, chest and pelvis in a straight line. Hold this posture for a few seconds before gradually relaxing the body. Repeat on the opposite side.

Our next exercise requires the use of dumbbells. Stand up straight with the dumbbells hanging by your sides. Lift both shoulders as high as they can go. Try not to bend the elbows as you are doing this. The weight of the dumbbells you use should be increased over time.This is considered to be one of the best back strengthening exercises.

Benefits of Yoga

The plank exercises works on the core muscles as well as those in the back. In order to perform the exercise, first lie on your stomach. Remember to keep your forearms and palms flat on the floor. Next, prop yourself up - remember to keep the toes and elbows on the floor. The heels, head and back should all be in a straight line. Hold this position for about a minute. This is also a good way to develop the abdominal muscles.

Yoga can also provide a good platform for exercising the back muscles. The aim of yoga in this regard is not just to strengthen, but also to improve the flexibility of the back muscles.

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