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Yoga exercises include different postures of the body, which are beneficial for general health. Yoga can improve bloodstream, heart functions, and it can also relax you spiritually and improve your psychological state as well. The breathing is extremely important when it comes to yoga.

When you are at the beginning of Yoga classes, don’t expect too much from yourself and don’t force yourself to do the postures which are problematic for you. This shouldn’t discourage you because during time, as your body becomes more elastic, these positions will become easier for you. You can choose other positions that are less hard, and yet have similar effect on your body.

Different Yoga poses

You can find information on the internet about Yoga and Yoga positions. Internet allows you to try Yoga all by yourself because of the possibility to find exact instructions for every pose, but it is important to do these exercises correctly, because if you don’t, it may harm your body and even cause physical trauma.

Cobra pose

Cobra pose is also known as Bhujangasana, and it is considered one of the elementary positions. In order to do this exercise, you should lie on your belly and with the support of your arms rise your chest slowly, while your head should move backwards towards your spine. At the end, your arms should be completely stretched. By doing this exercise, you will make your spine more flexible. This position is good for those whose job requires sitting for a longer period of time, and it shouldn’t cause pain, but if it does, you should abort the activity immediately and visit a medical adviser in order to get your spine examined.

Downward Facing Dog position

Downward Facing Dog position, also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana, is another basic position. It is a position for body stretching and it also makes your body stronger. If combined with other postures, it improves your bloodstream, and it can also relieve pain in the back.

Crow Pose

There are other positions, which are much harder than those we have mentioned so far, and one of them is Crow Pose, also called Bakasana. This pose is focused mainly on balancing your body. While improving your balance, the pose will allow you to strengthen your arms, forearms and belly.

We have mentioned some of the poses that might get you interested in Yoga. However, many other poses can be very challenging and beneficial for your health. There are different poses for different parts of body, so if you want to improve only one part of your body, you can find the exact yoga position and be sure that you will get satisfactory results.

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