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Exercising is a process that results in two things, lost fat tissue and increased muscle mass. But, there are some differences between men and women when it comes to those processes. Even when the same exercises and supplements are used, women tend to lose fat more slowly, which is probably due to the difference in values of some hormones. This is even more emphasized if the woman gave birth recently. Still, workout and diet will help any woman lose extra weight and obtain a healthy and nicely shaped body.

Losing weight

When it comes to weight loss exercises for women, it is obvious that those are, more or less, the same exercises that the men use. As for the exercises, balanced physical activity that includes both, cardio program and strength exercises, should be the best thing for reducing weight. Women tend to avoid muscle building, but up to a certain point it is needed for an easier weight loss and for a better performance in training sessions. Since women do prefer cardio exercises to weights, those should be done properly and effectively, which means that the intensity must be at the correct level, and the number of training sessions must not exceed the optimal value. This further means that there should be enough rest between the sessions for muscles to rest and for energy sources to be replenished.

It is also important to focus certain muscle groups, those that need to be emphasized. Women generally dislike fat and like nicely shaped legs and abdominals, and tend to avoid bulking up. For strong abs, crouches are generally the best possible option. They can be done in many different ways and that is why the entire abdominal area can be covered with muscles, upper, lower and side parts. As for legs, running is always a good choice, not only for legs, but for the entire organism. Arms, abs, back muscles, these are all also active in the running process. Even though many find running to be a boring exercise, it must be included in all formulas for weight reduction.


No serious exercising cannot be made without some eating regime. It is important to create a healthy and nutrient diet, the one that will complement training sessions. Since, fat losing requires a lot of energy, energy intake must not be severely decreased, just enough for fat burning process to start. Also, because muscles will be used a lot, the protein intake has to be increased, but not drastically, since it might result in bulking up more than it is actually wanted.

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