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Exercise is a vital part of any efficient weight loss program, and that is something most experts will agree on. Diet alone can only do so much, but those fat deposits will not start to melt unless the body is stimulated by a well-planned workout program. There has been much talk about circuit training and this type of workout seems to be very efficient for those who wish to shed a few pounds.

About circuit training

The term “circuit training” was first used back in 1953 by a couple of experts and researchers working at the University of Leeds. They used the term to describe a short, fast-paced and uninterrupted workout which combined warming up, repeating the exercise routine a few times and then stretching, with only very short periods of rest.

Today circuit training means workout that combines different exercises that are performed in succession, in short intervals that are then repeated. It can be done indoors and outdoors, using simple and cheap props or no props at all, or in a gym, using standard gym equipment.

The basic principle of circuit training is moving from one exercise to another without resting, keeping the heart rate elevated, which, in turn, burns more calories.

There are several types of circuit training. Boot camp training is an outdoor routine which combines cardio, muscular endurance, strength training, conditioning and flexibility. Resistance machine training uses different weight lifting machines that concentrate each on a different muscle group, while free-weight circular training which is set up in advance allows the person to go from one exercise to the next without resting.

Circuit training for weight loss

Aside from keeping the body in shape, toning the muscles and increasing stamina and flexibility, circuit training promotes weight loss as well. A person can plan his or her own circuit training according to the individual needs.

Every training should start with a warm-up. This can mean brisk walking, jogging, marching or stretching.

Rope jumping can come next, using both legs, for at least 60 seconds. The next step should be squats with resistance bands, for another minute.

After squats, kickbacks can be done, again with resistance bands. They should last for 30 seconds, and then off to fast-paced walking, for 30 seconds or a minute.

Triceps curls should come next in this circuit training. They can be done using a dumbbell or a resistance band. It is important to know that it is not the number of reps that counts, but the time spent doing it. The period should be short for all exercises, anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds.

After triceps curls, it is time again for another 60 seconds of rope jumping, followed by 30 or 60 seconds of push-ups.

The training finishes with a full minute of fast running, after which is it very important to cool down completely and stretch the whole body.

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