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Regular exercise preserves the health of body and mind. This applies to all ages but especially to senior citizens. Since 1938 in the US, senior citizen means elderly person over age of 67.

Senior citizens exercise

Various health problems accompany old age include muscle weakness, stroke, heartburn, diabetes, obesity, acid indigestion, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Keeping physically active and working out can help keep these problems at bay.Many senior citizens are aware of the benefits of fit body, but most of them still neglect it. This leads to weakened immunity, reduced body flexibility and strength and potential of mental equilibrium loss.Various exercise programs for senior citizens can help in keeping physical mental and emotional balance. For seniors who do not have a habit of keeping physically active, some simple exercises that address problems like anxiety and stress are recommended. These include walking, swimming, yoga and lightweight exercise or training.Walking on regular basis twice a day preserves health and basic fitness. It is a good exercise for getting started. The amount of walking should fit individual capability.Yoga is a form of traditional exercise from India. It consists of some flexibility exercise, breathing exercise and meditation keeping the body, mind and spirit in balance. It is good for keeping the body flexible, stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, controlling blood glucose and sugar levels.Swimming works on keeping the body fit and prevents many health conditions in senior citizens. It is also good for stress release and keeping the muscle pain away.Working with out with light weight uses the muscles, stimulates the blood flow and works toward improving metabolism.

Advanced exercise techniques

After getting back in shape with simple workouts, senior citizens can benefit from some advanced physical exercises. These include aerobic, endurance and muscle flexibility exercises.Aerobics include activities like jumping or dancing. Aerobics warm up the body and stimulate respiratory system. They improve oxygen sufficiency, blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and help improve mental health.Endurance exercises can improve stamina in senior citizen’s everyday activity. These exercises should start slowly and increase the pace over time. Endurance can be exercised through walking, swimming or stair stepping.Muscle flexibility exercises help rehabilitate and tone the muscles that have not been in use for some time and improve range of motion. These exercises include muscle stretching without sudden or aerobic movements. Normal breathing should be maintained during each movement. Through this kind of physical activity, senior citizens will benefit relaxed body and mind.Few guidelines are important to follow during these exercises. A professional physician should be consulted before starting an exercise program. Exercises should be done regularly few times a week and last about 30 minutes. The exercise should start slowly and gradually pick up the pace. Wearing comfortable clothing and footwear will ensure more enjoyable workout. Test of blood glucose is recommended.By taking care of the body and keeping it healthy, life of senior citizens becomes more easy and enjoyable.

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