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Golf is an excellent sport to be played in your senior years of life. Namely, it involves precision, grace, skill, fun and enjoyment as well as socializing. All of these are important factors for the elderly since they need to do their best to stay healthy. Once you reach a certain age, your body stops regenerating itself like before. Then, in order to prevent illnesses and other health complications you are advised to stay physically active. Fortunately, golf is perfect for these purposes.

Golf Flexibility Exercises

Since golf involves quite a physical strain, there are specific exercises which can help people get in the right physical condition for it. The following flexibility exercises will allow all golf player to master skills necessary for hitting the ball with maximum potency and strength, preventing injuries from taking place at the same time. The best characteristic of these exercises is that they do not require any special preparation or environment. Rather, these can be done anywhere.

Nevertheless, you should perform certain warm-up exercises in order to get in the right mode for indulging into more advanced flexibility workouts. Thus, after stretching and warming-up, dedicate about 10 seconds of the same action between every of the following golf flexibility exercises.

The Exercises

Performing the cat and camel exercise for about 24 seconds will allow your upper back to become flexible enough for golf. Get down on your knees and elbows, while extending your arms and lowering your chest to the floor level. Then, once you exhale, move your shoulders down, allowing your back to bend and stretch, keeping the position for a while.

Next, you can perform the knee-to-chest flexibility exercise by lying down on the floor with one leg bent and the foot behind the buttocks. Then, grab the bent knee with both hands and pull it towards the chest, stretching the hips, the lower back and the gluteus muscles for a while. Change the leg once you finish stretching the first one. Alternatively, you can do the same exercise with both legs bent at the same time.

Finally, get your gluteus muscles in the right shape by lying down on your back with your feet resting on a wall, forming a 90 degrees with your hips and knees. Then cross your right foot over the left knee and push the knee away from the chest until you feel the stretching all the way to your behind. Swap the legs later and do the same.

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