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High blood pressure can be controlled by exercising on regular basis. One of the top risk factors for heart condition is staying inactive. Physical activity contributes to overall body health. Exercise can improve circulation, strengthen the hearth and cardiovascular system, improve flexibility and balance, fortify bones, increase energy level, reduce fat and contribute to feeling more relaxed fit and healthy.

Before getting involved in any exercise program contact the doctor. The doctor can help determine the most suiting course of physical activity based on personal health and condition.

Choosing the right workout

There are three basic types of exercise. These are Stretching, Cardiovascular (aerobic) or cardio and strength. Stretching the muscles improves their flexibility, prevents muscle strains and prepares them for further physical activity. Aerobic influences large muscle groups and strengthens the whole cardiovascular system. It is beneficial to controlling high blood pressure. These include walking, bicycling, swimming, skiing, skating, rowing, jogging, rope jumping and others.By repeated muscle movement and tiring the muscle it grows in size and strength.The workout should be done at least three times per week and last for 20 to 30 minutes. Every workout should start at the level that person is comfortable with and progress gradually.Exercise should consist out of three stages. These are warm-up, conditioning and cool-down.Warm up usually consist out of stretching and low intensity movements. It prepares the body for further workout.Conditioning follows the warm-up and is the most intense part of the workout. It can consist out of aerobic and strength exercise. It’s responsible for bringing results and burning fat. The intensity should be increased steadily over time with regards to heart rate and be within range of doctor's advice.Cool-down slowly recovers the body from intense exercise. During cool down sitting down or stopping suddenly is not an option because it can cause light-headedness or heart fluttering. It must include low intensity activity like stretching and decrease gradually.

Exercise guidelines

Few guidelines should be followed while working out. Never exercise after a meal, allow at least one and a half hour to pass in between. Workout regularly and increase the intensity one step at the time to ensure the best and healthy results. The exercise pace should be steady. Good measure for this is if the workout allows you to be able to talk. Setting a goal and keeping exercise record contributes to feeling good and bring the sense of accomplishment. Exercise should always be fun and never a chore. This is why it is important to choose a physical activity that is enjoyable to each individual. There is no need to buy expensive equipment because working with own body weight is more than enough. Exercise does not take a lot of time and can fit into daily schedule easily. The health and feeling good about oneself benefits are worth anyone’s 30 minutes per day.

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