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As humans grow old, their body undergoes numerous changes. Their strength decreases, along with the overall physical capabilities they once possessed. Also, their skin ages as well, with numerous wrinkles appearing on its surface. Moreover, their hair turns gray and loses its former firmness and thickness. All in all, aging brigs numerous losses and may lead to depression and loss of self-confidence in people.

Exercising vs. Old Age

Therefore, many seniors are afraid of working out, fearing that they might hurt themselves. However, this is a phobia which can be quite counter-productive, taking into consideration that absence of physical activity in old age can lead to numerous health problems including bone degeneration, loss of weight, posture issues, diseases etc. Thus, exercising is something that should be a part of every senior's lifestyle. The following lines will note the most common benefits of such lifestyle, giving its best to motivate the elderly to indulge into physical activities regularly.

Benefits of Exercising for Seniors

First of all, once you exercise on a daily basis, your body becomes more resistant to illnesses and your immune system is boosted. If you happen to suffer from a certain illness, your body will be capable of recovering from it faster once you become physically active.

Secondly, exercising keeps your heart and your entire cardiovascular system in excellent shape, keeping heart diseases at bay and blood pressure levels properly regulated.

Thirdly, physical activity is beneficial for digestive health too, removing toxins from the body and enhancing proper digestion of food, this way promoting your overall health and well-being.

Also, a positive lifestyle of this type keeps your bones strong and your brain working well, keeping illnesses such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, arthritis, colon cancer and many others at bay.

Finally, exercising regularly makes your relaxed and relieved of stress, improving your sleep and raising your levels of self-confidence through hard work, life full of interesting activities and new people you meet and socialize with as you perform all these actions.

Types of Exercises for the Elderly

Yoga, tai chi and some bench or chair exercises can all be excellent for boosting your muscle flexibility. These can be performed slowly and carefully, preventing overstraining and injuries, allowing your body to stretch and get in the right mood for some more serious types of workout.

Next, burning calories and strengthening your heart are both actions which can be done through aerobic exercising. Walking, swimming, climbing stairs or cycling, all are activities which can be done by seniors for about 30 minutes a day, with short breaks after every 10 minutes.

Finally, strength training should not be neglected since it is equally important for one's overall health. Hence, pushups and weight-lifting are highly recommended, once your doctor allows them.

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