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It is a natural process for the human body to gradually growolder, but still there are numerous anti aging products available on themarket. Some of them may be efficient some may not, but there are several otherthings that can be done to prevent certain aspects of aging. The scientists usesarcopenia as a term which describes loss of muscle, quality of mass tissue andthe strength of muscles induced by the process of aging. Numerous scientificstudies have shown that starting from age 30, each human being losesapproximately 1 percent of muscle mass per year. Numerous different expertsclaim that as the body gradually gets older it loses its aerobic fitness andthe mobility required for the daily life. As they grow older, all the jointsinside the human body change and they become stiffer as their motion rangegradually gets decreased. Various balance exercises can be of great help whenit comes to reducing the risk of injuries induced by falls because they keepthe person mobile and independent. The good news is that it is not necessaryfor a person to lose her or his balance, flexibility, endurance and strength.It is never too late, and no matter how old a person is, various exerciseregimes can be of great help when it comes to improving the quality of one’slife. Seniors need to indulge in flexibility exercises, strength training andcardio training in order to maintain proper functionality, strength and overallhealth.


Flexibility and balance are very important for all seniorcitizens. Stretching and yoga are highly recommended for all those who indulgein balance and flexibility exercise routines. The muscles need to be warmbefore stretching. It is always a good idea to indulge in any physical activityas it is much better than no exercise at all. Cardio exercises are veryimportant for seniors, because they provide the person with renewed endurancewhich got lost over the years. It is highly recommended to engage in 30 minutesof different cardio exercises each day. One should consult the doctor beforeindulging in such physical activities. Activities should be enjoyable andaccessible so the most common ones include tennis, biking, swimming andwalking. It is advisable to work out at a moderate intensity. Warming up beforeand stretching after the training should always be utilized. There also certainhome options such as walking workout for beginners, seated total body workoutand beginner ball workout. gracefully.

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