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Staying physically active throughout your life is definitely a positive choice to make, since this way you will keep your body in excellent shape even when you grow old. Moreover, by exercising regularly during your senior years, you will maintain proper health and stay free from illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, depression, arthritis, osteoporosis and many others. Thus, you are advised to have an exercise routine as you grow older, sticking to it at least 3 times a week. Weight bearing exercises are great for these purposes, having many additional benefits such as reducing blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure, keeping your heart safe and healthy.

Weight Bearing Exercise Routine for Seniors

Weight bearing training means exposing your body to weights which will be pulled by the force of gravity. You must resist this force and do exercises, strengthening your muscles and bones, reaping some of many benefits of this type of training. There are many weight bearing exercises available for you to try out and benefit from. Thus, read the list below and make your choice. Alternatively, you can combine several different exercises of this type and create your own exercise routine.

Weight Bearing Exercise Types

One of the best possible weight bearing exercises for seniors is running. Namely, this action boosts your stamina and endurance, keeping your heart in a good physical condition, boosting its performance. However, you should avoid running on hard surfaces such as concrete since this may lead to joint and bone damage. Rather, you can purchase a treadmill machine and enjoy running at home or choose a dirt path which is flat and safe. Do not skip stretching and warming up before every session of this type.

Step aerobics is also a great weight bearing exercise, increasing the flexibility and mobility of your body. Here, you will have a plastic step used for performing the necessary activities which improve your balance and gait. Also, you may take up water aerobics, where you will do the same beneficial exercises while up to your abdomen in water. The latter version is better since it makes your body bear more weight.

Step ups, standing lunges and other exercises with weights belong to this list as well. These will allow your body to gain strength and your hips to become more resistant to injuries. Yet, since these are quite demanding physical activities, you may want to consult your doctor before including them into your routine.

Finally, spine exercises will improve your posture and make your back stronger. Yoga exercises are great for these purposes. However, you can also stand straight, raise your left arm and bend to the opposite side, doing the same with the other arm afterwards. Also, performing bridges from lying on the ground will strengthen your spine even further.

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