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It is common belief that older people lose the ability to do thing on their own because of aging. Although age does leave its trace on the body, the mobility loss is mostly caused by back of activity. Staying independent and healthy is possible by keeping endurance, balance, flexibility and strength.

Connection between exercising and overall health

Studies have shown that physical shape can be maintained or restored to health by physical activity and exercise. Each small improvement in exercise and physical activity has big impact on preserving people’s health. In long term staying inactive does far more harm than exercising ever could.People of all ages are having hard time to start doing exercise, regardless of being aware of the benefits. There is no expensive equipment required, no need to go to the gym and no danger of injury of working out properly.Any physical activity like household chores is beneficial. The important thing is that physical activity uses one’s own muscles. This includes old people in their 90s as well as older adults in their 50s.

Beneficial exercise areas

Exercises that are beneficial for keeping healthy cover four areas. These are flexibility, balance, endurance and strength.Flexibility exercises include stretching muscles and the tissues that support the body structure. Keeping flexible reduces the chance of falling. It is also recommended for patients that are recovering from injuries.Common problem older adults have is falling. This leads to serious injury like broken hips, and can lead to loss of independence. Balance exercise build up leg muscles and increase stability.Endurance exercise improves the health of heart, lungs and circulation. Besides preserving health, endurance exercise improves stamina used in everyday life like grocery shopping and climbing stairs. These exercises also prevent diseases that accompany aging like heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes. By working out overall hospitalization and death rate is reduced.Strength exercises build up the muscles. Even small changes in muscle strength make huge difference in performing daily tasks, especially in case of frail people. Strength workout increases metabolism. This results in maintaining blood sugar and weight levels healthy.

How much workout is enough?

Various types of exercises can be used. Some of them cover one area, while others have multiple benefits.Important thing is to start exercising according to one’s own ability and progress gradually. People often overdo their workout which can result in damaging muscles and tissues in the body. When exercising becomes a habit, the results it provides can be felt and appreciated. Working out should fit person’s life, and not become one big additional chore. The goal is not to prepare for Olympics but to improve the current state. People can be afraid of exercise because of all the strain involved. This idea is actually very wrong because exercises that have health benefits do not have to be strenuous.

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