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It is a well known fact that all people who are over 40 years old gradually lose certain amounts of muscle mass with each year. The bigger problem is that this change is usually accompanied by an unwanted weight gain which always leads to a flabby appearance of a person. All older adults who want to indulge in a new health regime need to be cautious, but the good news is that senior women who suffer from flaccid muscles may improve their condition by utilizing certain low impact, gentle exercises.


It is a well known fact, backed up by numerous scientific sources that toned muscles provide various different benefits, but the most important ones include flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. Any senior woman who wants to regain such qualities should always consult the doctor before indulging in any exercise regime.The bigger part of senior female population is commonly rather inactive for quite some time before deciding to indulge in exercise regimes. The doctor needs to approve of all that. Women who suffer from certain types of medical condition such as hypertension or arthritis may not be allowed to indulge in certain types of exercises. In most cases, women need to start slowly with their exercise routines.

How to start

Consistent practice always leads to much more developed levels of endurance and strength, so with time the length and the intensity of each exercise may be gradually increased. One of the best endurance exercises for senior women is walking. Its duration and difficulty may be easily controlled, while being able to provide the exerciser with a challenge at the same time. One should indulge in 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, five days per week. Other excellent exercises which are very helpful in building the endurance include dancing, bicycling and swimming. Strength exercises or resistance training are very efficient in toning the muscles, improving the density of the bones and increasing the levels of energy. One may resistance bands for such purposes. Pushups are highly recommended, and the same can be said for lunges, squats and walking, which can be fortified with weights to provide even more challenges for the exerciser. One should indulge in 30 minutes of strength exercises per day, for three days per week. Balance exercises such as sit-ups, leg raises, Tai Chi and numerous others are called balance exercises and they are very efficient in improving the balance of a person. Flexibility exercises are also very important.

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