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In order to maintain a healthy body, it is important to stick to an exercise regime. This is especially important with regard to older men and women. Statistics point out that those over sixty years of age who undertake regular exercise are generally healthier, when it comes to the function of the lungs, heart and muscles. With regard to women, bone density tends to decrease after the menopause, thus making it extremely important to maintain some kind of exercise regime. Women who are post-menopausal can increase their bone mass through exercise regimes that focus on weight-bearing. Exercise is also vital with regard to staving off conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.
Stretching is a great way to begin exercising. This might help to alleviate stiffness and inflexibility in the joints. Stretching also helps avoid injury during more strenuous exercises. One should try to stretch for about five to fifteen minutes, prior to exercise.
One stretch that you might try is the shoulder rotation. This stretch requires you to lie on the floor with a pillow supporting the head. Stretch out the arms, bend the elbows so that the arms point downward. Then, adjust the elbows so that the arms point upward. A calve stretch is another important stretch. Stand in front of a wall and place the hands on it. Move one leg backwards, with the heel and foot flat on the ground. Bend the knee of this leg and hold the position of about twenty seconds.
In order to strengthen the upper body, one should try to employ the use of machines, free weights or even household items, in order to provide resistance during your training. If you are lifting weights, make sure to start with a comfortable weight. Don't over-exert yourself, and after you feel you have mastered this weight, you should then try to move up to the next weight on the scale. The weight should not be too easy to lift, nor too hard.
You might also wish to try exercises such as plantar flexion and arm raises. Plantar flexion works on strengthening the ankle and calf muscles, and involves raising your body onto the toes. Hold onto a chair or table top for support. Arm raises require you to sit in a chair with the feet on the floor. Hold your arms by your sides, before raising them to shoulder height, perpendicular to your torso.

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