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Exercising is a very important process which should follow all people even when they reach old age. Namely, staying physically active can keep various joint and muscle aches and problems at bay, protecting your body and maintaining its strength and good condition. Therefore, even when you are not capable of standing for a long time, you can perform stretches and some light exercises while seated on a chair. However, the following exercises are not only recommended for those who cannot maintain their balance and stand throughout the process. Rather, all people, young and old can benefit from these forms of physical activities.

The Exercises

Take a sturdy, well-built chair and sit on its edge while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Avoid leaning and supporting your body further. Rather, sit straight and, while your heels are stuck to the floor, move the toes up towards to ceiling, curling them in such a manner that they start pointing to the area above them. Repeat the whole process 8 times.

Sticking to the leg exercises, sit correctly on a chair, keeping your body straight and well-positioned, without leaning anywhere. Then, give your best to elevate both of your legs as much as you can, while maintaining proper body posture. Once you reach the position where your knees are locked, stop and slowly return your legs to the initial position, repeating the same pattern for about 6 to 8 times. Yet, if this exercise proves to cause you pain, skip it.

Those who suffer from arthritis and similar conditions know that these health issues weaken their grip. In order to improve your grip and counter this condition, you are advised to sit on a chair comfortably and clench your fists. Then, open your fists and stretch your fingers and your hand as much as you can, returning to a tightly clenched fist once again. About 10 repetition will be optimal. Once your routine is complete, shake your hands with each other, relaxing them.

More Exercises Done while Sitting

Moving on to your arms, take a small exercise ball and hold it in your hands while sitting on a chair. Then, use both of your hands to squeeze the ball, extending the arms and returning them as close to your chest area as possible. Do this exercise slowly and carefully, repeating it 12 times.

Do not neglect your shoulders. In order to include them in your exercise routine, sit properly on a chair and raise your shoulders as much as you can. Once reaching your peak in this action, move the shoulders back slowly, only to push them in front later and, finally, return them back up, performing 10 repetitions of the whole action.

Finally, involve your lower torso in your workout routine by leaning forward from an initial position involving you sitting straight with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting on your thighs. Five repetitions will be optimal.

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