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It is not absolutely necessary to visit a gym on a regular basis in order to successfully tone ones arms. There are several types of exercise that can help one to achieve the desired toning of the arms without employing weights. However, building muscle this way is likely to be a slower process when compared to the usage of gyms and specialized muscle building equipment. It requires determine and effort to succeed in this regard. Exercising the arms can help you to shed flab and fat on the arms as well as stimulating the arm muscles to grow bigger. When exercising the arms without weights, the idea is to replace the metal weights with ones own body weight.

Types of exercises

Many of you will realize that you are already familiar with several of the following exercises. These exercises are simple, relatively easy to perform and, importantly, don’t require the usage of expensive specialized equipment.

Military push ups

One great way to exercise and tone the arms is through the use of military push ups. This is a tough exercise to perform, but very effective at the same time. In order to perform the exercise, lie on the floor and raise your body onto the hands and toes. Dip down towards the floor and raise yourself back up. Perform as many push ups as you can in sets of ten.

Bench dips

Bench dips are a good way to develop the muscles. Sit on the edge of a chair or bench. Place your feet in front of you and firmly hold the edge of what you are sitting on. Lower your body towards the ground and then back up. Repeat the process as desired. Try to do a set of about ten reps.

Medicine ball exercises

A medicine ball can also be used in order to help with the development of arm muscles. Lie on the floor with bent knees and the feet placed on the ground. Hold the ball with two hands and throw it into the air. Catch the ball on the way down and repeat the exercise until tired.

For the next exercise, stand or sit with the back straight. Rotate the arms in both directions, both clockwise and anti-clockwise in turn. Try to do at least fifteen repetitions each time. When you get better at this, try to simultaneously combine clockwise and anti-clockwise motions.

Bicep curls

Bicep curls are another exercise that could possibly help you to develop your arm muscles. While standing, lift the forearms towards the chest. Remember to keep the elbows close to your side.

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