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There is no alternative to exercise when it comes to losing weight on one's chest. One needs to embark on an exercise regime in order to successfully lose chest fat, or any kind of fat, for that matter. It will also be necessary to choose exercises that are of specific benefit to the chest region.

High intensity exercises

High intensity exercises are recommended when it comes to losing chest fat. Cardiovascular exercises are a great way to lose chest weight.

Running is a great way to lose weight for the whole body, not just the chest. It is, as indicated, a whole body exercise, but it can be particularly effective with regard to the elimination of excess chest fat. Running can be done on the treadmill or outside the house, the effects are the same. About fifteen minutes of running each day is great for burning fat.

Swimming is another cardiovascular exercise that can provide great results in terms of the loss of chest fat. Regular swimming will help to target the excess fat on this part of the body. This type of exercise will also help to improve the overall shape of the body, as well as making the chest more lean and muscular.

Push ups are hugely beneficial when it comes to burning chest fat. This type of exercise is an absolute must in this regard, and it is recommended by most fitness freaks.

Chest presses

As for the use of weights with regard to the loss of chest fat, dumbbell chest presses and barbell chest presses are two types of exercise that you might want to consider. The former, obviously, requires the use of dumbbells. To perform this exercise, lie on your back and hold the dumbbells in each hand. Arms should be extended. Slowly, bend your elbows until they are just below the chest. Straighten the arms out again and perform about fifteen repetitions of this procedure.

The barbell chest takes a similar form to the previous exercise. In fact, the only difference between the two is the type of weight. This exercise is performed in the same manner, except for the fact that a barbell is used in place of dumbbells.

Proper diet

As with any type of exercise regime, these exercises will not help you achieve the desired without a proper diet to accompany them. Try to avoid fast food as much as possible, and stay away from foods that are fried or high in fat. Make sure not to neglect your diet when you are undertaking this exercise regime.

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