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In general, the most efficient exercises with regard to muscular development of the male chest are the bench press and fly exercises. Working out the chest can be useful for the development of individual muscles, such as the pectorals. These chest exercises can assist with the strengthening of both the upper and lower chest muscles.


An exercise that primarily focuses on the pectoral muscles is the chest fly. This exercise will also help one to work out the deltoids and biceps. For this exercise, one should lie on ones back. The chest fly weights to be held in both hands. Extend the arms, keeping the limbs straight or slightly bent. Hold the weights perpendicular to the floor before gently lowering them until they are parallel to the ground. Follow the same arc of movement to bring the weights back to the perpendicular position. Try to avoid locking the elbows.

Plyometric push ups

Plyometric push ups are another great way to build up the power of ones chest. This type of push up differs from normal push ups in the sense that they involve the rapid movement of the muscles. This will help to make the muscles more powerful. The starting position for plyometric pushups is the same for normal ones. Place the arms on the floor or mat at an equidistance. Form a right angle with the elbows. Then, lower the body towards the ground. Make sure to keep the head, hips and toes in a straight line. Having the lowered the body thus, one should then push the body upwards, forcefully. As the body raises, try to clap your hands together. Attempt to return to the starting position as efficiently and comfortably as possible after the clapping phase. This type of push up should generally only be performed after prior training with regular push ups.

Bench press

The first exercise we will examine is the bench press. This exercise is undertaken whilst lying on ones back. For this exercise, one will need a bench on which to lie and a barbell to lift. When lifting, be sure to keep the arms straight and the elbows locked. The primary goal of this exercise is to strengthen the pectoralis major. Other important muscles will also be strengthened with this exercise. Whilst bench pressing, place the legs either on the ground or on the end of the bench. Ones buttocks should always be in contact with the bench. This will help to keep the spine straight. Remember to keep ones hands equidistant from the middle of the barbell.

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