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Most people want to develop the perfect six pack abdomen. This is something that is not that easy to achieve, however. Many people will work out for months without seeing any visible results with regard to six-pack development. Abdominal definition will not be achieved through starvation. Instead, you should focus on maintaining a balanced diet and performing appropriate specialized exercises. It is important to remember also that no amount of ab exercises will help you to burn stomach fat. This has to be done through cardiovascular exercise.

Exercise routine

After you have worked off enough stomach and body fat, the time will come to embark on a specialized ab regime. One method of doing so involves the usage of an exercise ball. Using the ball is a great way to work out the abs because the ball causes a slight lack of stability when performing the exercises. This increases the work rate of the muscles. With the ball, one can perform exercises such as crunches, twists, lying leg raises and ball kick outs.

Workout with weights

Abs can also be worked out using weights. This will help you to increase the size of the abdominal muscles. When you use weights, you overload the muscles, thus causing them to grow. With weights, try performing decline sit ups, twists and hanging leg raises. Strapping the weights to your ankles is another good way to boost the efficiency of a workout.

Other ab exercises

There are some other types of ab exercises that can help to develop these muscles, including cross crunches, bicycle crunches, 90 degree leg crunches, 45 degree crossed leg crunches, extended arm crunches and oblique crunches. You might also try exercises such as chair leg raises and front leg raises.


Ones diet is an important part of any weight loss or exercise regime, and this fact remains true with regard to six-pack development. Diet should be combined with a good cardiovascular exercise regime in order to shift any fat that remains on the stomach. Calorie intake is also important with regard to muscle build up, and this is no different as regards the abdomen. When dieting, try to strike a balance between fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Avoid eating junk food and try to base your diet around the consumption of healthy foods such as eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds and lean meat. Fat is a necessary ingredient in any diet, but excess consumption should be avoided.

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