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It is important for seniors to maintain proper balancing capabilities, as this will help to prevent falls and other similar types of accident. Younger people generally have little trouble balancing the body. But, as age increases, our balance becomes less effective. Lower body weakness, visual impairments, spinal degeneration, and nervous system development can all be contributing factors to the loss of balance. If one loses ones balance, one can also lose ones confidence. Thus, exercises that work on balance become important with regard to the aging process.

Exercises of this type generally have the aim of trying to maintain a proper center of gravity. These exercises are simple and should help greatly in terms of balance maintenance.
Our first exercise requires the use of a chair. Stand up straight, keeping the chair on the left side of the body. Hold the chair with your left hand, with the body weight placed on the left leg. Bend the right leg and try to bring it up towards your chest. Maintain the maximum position of extension for around three seconds. This exercise should be repeated five times on each side.
The next exercise also requires the use of a chair. A chair without arms is recommended for this exercise. Sit on the chair, before quickly returning to your feet. Make sure that you do not tilt your body to either side; keep the body as straight as possible, as this will increase the difficulty of the exercise. The speed at which you perform this movement should be increased over time. Repeat the exercise as many times as you feel you can.
It may sound ridiculous, but walking in a straight line is a good way to boost ones balance. Draw a line on the floor and try to walk along it with as little deviation as possible. While doing so, try to place one foot directly in front of the other, moving from heel to toe. Twenty steps in this manner should be performed, before turning around and repeating the process.
For the final exercise, stand up straight with the feet slightly apart. Stand in front of a table or counter top if you feel that you need support. Hold the supporting object and raise either leg sideways. Try to lift the leg about six to twelve inches off the ground. Make sure not to bend the knees. Maintain the lifted-leg position for around five seconds. Repeat the stretch on both legs.

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