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When working out your back it is essential to warm yourself up well. It is also important not to use heavy weights at the beginning. This will help you not to get hurt. So, you should start with light weights and then raise the weight little by little. You should make sure that you use a proper technique. And another thing - always stretch your back after exercising.It is important to know the right number of repetitions, sets and weights to be used.

Dumbbell Dead Lifts

Stand straight with your feet a shoulder width separated. Slightly bend your knees while holding dumbbells in both your hands. Slowly start bending your knees and back while you are lowering the dumbbells to the floor. When in this position, your back ought to be flat, but your lower back should be bent a little inward.

Reverse Fly

For performing this exercise, you need to sit on the edge of a bench, with feet placed on the floor. Bow your upper body down, so that your chest touches your thighs. Hold the dumbbells in both hands, but bend the elbows a little. Little by little spread your arms out, until your hands are parallel to the floor, and elbows still bent. Stay in this position for a few seconds, before you come back to the starting position. Stand up straight with firm legs and back flat.

Bent-over Rows

To do this exercise, you need to hold the dumbbells in both hands and lie with your face down on a flat bench. Be sure your arms are hanging off the bench. Pull the dumbbells so they can touch your upper body in a slow movement. Your elbows need to bend behind your back. Hold for a few moments and then get back in the starting position.

Single Arm Row

Place the left knee and left hand on the flat bench. Right foot should be placed, and you should hold the dumbbell in the right hand. Keep the right arm hanging. Now gradually raise your right hand, keeping your back flat. Keep your hand in this position for a few seconds and then gradually get back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with your other foot and hand on the bench.

Lateral Raises

For this exercise, distance for your feet should be a shoulder width apart. Your knees should be bent a little, and you should hold dumbbells in both of your hands. From this position, bend your elbows a little while raising your hands up to the shoulder level. Keep your elbows bent throughout the whole exercise. Gradually put your arms down, so that the dumbbells touch each other.

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