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The main problem with smoking and quitting smoking is in a person’s head. Even though each and every one of us is aware of dangers that are behind using nicotine, many people still smoke. Why is that? Using nicotine creates addiction, physical and psychological, and those have to be subdued and controlled if a person wants to quit smoking. The battle to stop smoking begins in the mind, which is exactly where the bad habits have taken deep roots.

A problem

It is obvious to all what the medical issues created by smoking are. Most dangerous one is creation of malign cells, which can endanger the life of a smoker. Areas that are usually affected are the lungs and throat. This happens because of the years’ long accumulation of toxic material, which comes from cigarettes and which eventually creates conditions for emerging of malign cells. This malign tumor can be eliminated and a complete health recovery is possible but only if the cancer has been discovered in its early phase. This is why it is very important for a smoker to go for medical analysis that can discover this dangerous condition. Only a month of tardiness can be fatal. Unfortunately, most of people who already endanger themselves with smoking are usually not so eager to go for this kind of examination.

Other symptoms that tend to emerge in people who smoke are yellowish fingers and teeth, bad breath, morning coughing, shortness of breath, loss of taste etc. Obviously, even though discomforting, these problems are not nearly dangerous as cancer.

A battle

Eliminating nicotine from life is not easy. Physical addiction can be eliminated in a matter of weeks, even though it is not easy. Some people may even experience trembling of fingers, sweating, nervousness, but this is not the real problem. The real problem lies in the mind, where the habit of smoking is so strong that even though physical addiction is gone, people still feel a very strong desire to smoke, so strong that many fail and start smoking again.

Some people use certain medications, some visit group and individual therapy sessions, and some try the old school method, so-called cold turkey. This requires nothing more but simply stopping to use cigarettes – and that is it! This is the cheapest method and it might be the hardest. Many people start like this and often return to smoking, but some succeed and prove that this might be the most effective method for quitting on cigarettes.

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