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It is true that life would be a lot easier if there are no vices, but it is hard to stay on a correct path when there is always something that might make a person slip from the main road. Cigarettes might not be the most dangerous of all vices, but they are similar to alcohol and can be labelled as a slow killer. And while alcohol physically damages only the consumer, smoke of the cigarettes might harm the health of those in direct vicinity of the smoker.
It is not easy to quit smoking, but it is all about the power of the mind. The problem is that people actually do know the cigarettes are bad, and even if they light their first, smoking period might last for the entire life. One of the biggest dangers is cancer and it comes from decades of smoking. Usually, lungs and throat are affected mostly, although it is also possible for other organs to become affected.
Cigarette smoke can harm people close by, because they can inhale that same smoke. Actually, a strong anti-nicotine campaign is going on throughout the world trying to make smokers quit cigarettes. It provides information about the dangers that using nicotine creates. A good thing that slowly affects more and more countries is limiting the space where smoking is allowed. In most countries, it is not allowed to light a cigarette in public space, and cafes and restaurants must have a smoking room. Smoking is not allowed in most of the companies either (cigarettes are allowed at some distance from the building, or they are not allowed at all). Some of the measures might seem drastic but that is the only way to prevent people from harming their health and the health of the others.
Cold turkey is an interesting term that signifies leaving something without the period of adjustment, when a person simply stops doing what has been done for a long while (usually a bad habit, in this case smoking). It is something that creates a bit different experience for each person, and it is easy for some, while it can be very difficult for other people. There is a period of about two weeks for getting rid of physical addiction, which is actually not much when it is known that some people smoke for decades. The main problem is related to psychological addiction. It might last for a lot longer, and even years after the last cigarette some people dream about smoking. So, how to quit smoking cigarettes effectively? Besides the cold turkey method, several medications should help with this problem. Some people even go for therapy sessions, individual or group ones. This means that quitting cigarettes is not an easy task, it takes some spirit and mental strength. Unfortunately, some people are simply not cut out to leave this addiction.

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