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Quitting Smoking

One of the chemicals responsible for the greatest addiction in the world is nicotine, which is why we can see medical warnings on the cigarette packets. Also, there may be a picture of the potential hazards caused by smoking, but people do not take these warnings for serious and continue with smoking. Smoking is responsible for many deaths every year, but bad habit is hard to eliminate, though it is possible for sure.


This addiction can be eliminated with the help of many techniques that have bad and good sides. The most popular ones are the use of medications and the nicotine replacement therapy, but there are others as well. These two techniques are not that successful and cannot eliminate the dependence on nicotine completely. Also, relapses usually occur after these two therapies. There are natural methods that can help you eliminate this bad habit from your life and in the following lines we will talk more about them. Smoking is physical condition, but it is also a mental since the body thinks that it will receive nicotine if you smoke regularly. If this does not happen, feelings of stress and anxiety will occur.

Some of the natural solutions to this problem are hypnosis and hypnotherapy. This method works subconsciously and eliminates the connections between smoking and specific feelings. The use of herbal supplements is advised since they will help you with the withdrawal symptoms. Anti-depressant abilities of the St. John's wort will come handy during the withdrawal. This very popular herb reduces anxiousness and increases the dopamine levels in the brain. You can get this herbal supplement in both pill and powder form.

Another more rigorous method is total and complete elimination of smoking, which is sometimes called "cold turkey" tactics. This very demanding tactics will require from you to simply eliminate the use of tobacco, but you cannot use nicotine pads or supplements to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. But since this tactics is so demanding, the success rate is very low. There are same steps you can take in order to increase your chances. To start with, you should not go to places where people smoke and you should try to avoid socializing with people who smoke. Also, when you feel like smoking, you can get a chewing gum or eat some fruit. Try to find things that can occupy your mind so you do not think about smoking and cigarettes. Implementing exercising during the process of quitting is a good idea because it will help you along the way and it will provide more energy, confidence and a clear mind.

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