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There are more thanjust a few vices people have to be cautious about. Subduing to those viceshappens because of various reasons and it takes a detailed analysis that wouldinclude social, environmental, geopolitical, mental, hereditary, and many other factors that can lead a person's life downhill.


When it comes tohealth, most of those vices affect health in a negative way, up to the point whenlife itself is endangered. Of course, we are talking about alcohol, nicotineand drug addiction. In the last few decades, with the occurrence of HIV, recklesssexual behavior is also a risk factor that just might be the most dangerousone. As for smoking, well,it is called a slow killer for a very good reason. Accumulation of toxicparticles in lungs happens over years, decades we can say, but it is somethingthat will reach a boiling point at some moment. There are rare cases of peoplethat smoked two packs a day and lived a long life (not healthy, justlong). People who smoke a lot can berecognized by yellowish fingers, especially those used for holding a cigarette, their teeth are also yellow because of nicotine, bad breath is almost always present.This will not happen over night, it comes with years of smoking and it is noteasy to get rid of it. Of course, the worst thing happens to lungs and it cannotbe seen from the outside. One of the first signs of lungs filling up with the unwanted material is morning coughing and the shortness of breath.

Eliminating vice

This is a lot easier said than done due to a fact that smoking becomes an addictionover very short period of time. There are some people that light only fewcigarettes a day, which is not such a big medical issue, but those are veryrare cases, especially when we know that smoking is also stress related. The higherthe stress, the higher the number of cigarettes smoked. Addiction comes to the pointwhere people show symptoms like nervousness, shaking, headaches etc.

How to quit smoking isquestion that many people ask themselves today. A lot of strong will anddetermination is needed in order to deal with cigarettes. There are severalmethods, one that uses pills, patches, all sorts of anti-nicotine tools, butall of those are useless if a desire for health is not as strong as desire tolight a cigarette. Some people quit smoking when something stressful happens intheir lives, some sort of mental or physical shock that completely putssmoking in the background. Even though smoking does create addiction, only fewweeks of not smoking are needed in order to get rid of that nasty habit.Unfortunately, many smokers will say that those couple of weeks is like vacationin hell, but that is nothing comparing to what might happen with one's life ifquitting smoking is not an option. There are also institutions that deal withthis problem and help people get rid of the nicotine. Some even ask for help from therapistin solo and group session. Whatever the case,getting rid of smoking is something that should be done as soon as possible.Health of the smoker and people in its immediate physical vicinity isendangered and that must be stopped.

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