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Smoking is one of the most dangerous addictions today. This is because it is not something that attacks immediately, but its ugly head starts to show years and decades after the first cigarette and unfortunately, sometimes it is in the form of malign tumor of the lungs and/or throat. First signs of the prolonged smoking are far less serious but still discomforting and those are yellowish fingers and teeth, bad breath, morning coughing, loss of taste sense etc. But, these are all generally minor things comparing to the increased cancer risk. This is why smoking should stop as soon as possible.


There is no easy way out from nicotine addiction. There are many options, but many experts will agree on a fact that using cold turkey method might be the best solution. It does not cost anything and if the smoker manages to leave cigarettes this way, he or she should stay away from this addiction for good. What is this method all about? Well, it is very simple, smoker just stops smoking and that is it - nothing more, nothing less. No transition period, not meds, patches, teas, substitutions; the person just simply stops. This is really the best possible method, but it also might be the hardest one, because many people are not prepared for this psychologically. Some people cleverly use certain situations in life when they are not able to smoke for a couple of days as initial motivation to continue on. For example, having some sort of operation that hospitalizes people and requires a post op period could be a great opportunity to quit smoking for good. Also, many women stop smoking when they become pregnant. It is one thing to poison yourself, but when there is another life you are responsible for, things start to look differently.


Another option is to use lobelia to quit smoking. Its most interesting feature is that the body can be fooled with thinking that lobelia is nicotine thanks to similar chemical structure. Also, lobelia is responsible for cleaning the air pathways, which might make them very sensitive to nicotine, making a person dislike the taste of it. Lobelia is just one of many methods used for quitting smoking and it proved to be very successful. But, there is still a fact that the success of quitting smoking depends only on the character of the smoker. A smoker should show some mental strength and ability to survive the physical and mental addiction. It is not easy at all, but health benefits of leaving cigarettes are so numerous and important that continuing with smoking is simply not an option.

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