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Stop smoking: is it really worth it to stop smoking?

There are several things in life that should be avoided as much as possible, and some vices definitely belong to those things, especially those that endanger the health of a person. Those would be smoking, using alcohol, eating too much, eating bad food, not being physically active and we might also add being stressed, since it is an inducer of a number of medical conditions. The problem with people is that, in time, they convince themselves how their vice is nothing that bad and that it will not harm them. For example, take for an example the question they ask when someone advices them to stop smoking if it is really worth it? They say that stress is too big in their lives and that they need cigarettes, they say that cigarette is the only thing they do to indulge themselves, they cannot think a day without nicotine, etc.

The benefits

For all those who are not certain what to think about smoking, let it be crystal clear – smoking will kill you! Perhaps not you, but statistic is cruel, there are many people who died of cancer (lungs, throat) because of this problem. There are also some other, minor issues, such as bad breath, yellow teeth and fingers, not being able to sense the taste of food in mouth etc. Even though problematic, these things pale in front of malign tumor in the mentioned areas. The cancer will not attack immediately, since years and decades are needed. There are cases of people who smoked more than two packs of cigarettes daily and did not have any major problem, but those are exceptions that confirm a general rule that the risk of getting attacked by cancer increases drastically in people who smoke.

Eliminating the cigarettes

How can this be done? There are actually many methods for eliminating the nicotine from one’s life, but the most effective might be the cheapest one, so-called cold turkey. This is a method of suddenly stopping smoking. No more nicotine, no more health problems! And of course, this might prove to be the toughest option. There is physical addiction, which will pass after two weeks, but there is also mental addiction, which will be lurking the entire life. There are cases when people did not smoke for a decade, even more, and then started again in a moment of dealing with great life stress. Also, people who smoke have to be aware that they are not only poisoning themselves, but also people around them. This might not be such a great deal when it comes to adults, but what about children, pregnant women, sick people? People who smoke should think hard and take a good look at what they are doing and what might be the consequences.

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